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Fitting the right tyres as well as a proper set of winter wheels to your car ensures dependable traction and grip on icy and snowy road surfaces. Here at A2 Tyre Supplies Limited, we stock an enviable range of winter wheels suitable for every car make and model. Here our professionals will also happily assist you in choosing the right option by providing guidance about which products will be best suited to your vehicle and budget.

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Types Of Winter Wheels We Stock

Here we prioritise complete customer satisfaction over anything else. To meet your automotive needs, we stock two different variants of winter wheels-

  • Alloy Wheels
  • Steel Wheels

Based on your car model or the driving needs, the effectiveness of these wheels may vary. Therefore, we recommend checking the pros and cons of both wheel variants to decide which variant will be right your vehicle.

Alloy Wheels


  • Increases the aesthetic value of your car due to many different designs
  • Offers a comfortable car handling experience
  • The lightweight models put less pressure on the suspension system. The wheels have a lower rolling resistance and thus reduce the fuel consumption


  • The material and lightweight construction makes the wheels susceptible to light impact damages
  • Repairing or replacing alloy wheels can be a costly affair
  • The alloy wheel rims can face curb rash.
  • Compared to their steel counter parts, they are more expensive

Steel Wheels


  • The robust construction of steel wheels ensures that they are not susceptible to minor impact damages. Consequently, they have a longer lifespan
  • Steel wheels are mainly vital for heavy-duty vehicles
  • These wheel models are budget-friendly and are easy to repair


  • The heavyweight construction of the steel rims put comparatively more pressure on the suspension system
  • Because of the heavy weight, steel wheels have a lower rolling resistance, resulting in higher fuel consumption
  • You can only opt for limited sizes as well as styles and designs; therefore, there is not much scope for aesthetic uniqueness in your car

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