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Nankang Tyres

Nankang Rubber Tyre Corp. Ltd. is a Taiwan-based manufacturing plant producing automobile tyres and synthetic rubber products. The company exports to over 100 markets worldwide and supplies tyres to more than 300 distributors.

If you wish to purchase Nankang tyres Sittingbourne, A2 Tyre Supplies Limited is your destination. We retail several tyres from this brand for different vehicle make and models. Our inventory also includes premium, mid-range and cheap Nankang tyres Sittingbourne.

In addition, you can choose an appropriate car tyre by taking assistance from our tyre specialists. They perform quality tests before selling these tyres. Thus, we assure you of quality Nankang tyres at the best price.

Available Nankang tyre variants

We stock best-selling Nankang tyres from the following categories:


Summer tyres from Nankang offer better drainage efficiency owing to their two straight, broad grooves. The highly rigid shoulders increase cornering force and enhance driving stability. Additionally, the thin sipe design reduces road impact.

Example: AS-1


Nankang winter tyres come with the 3PMSF mark. It signifies that the tyres meet the rigorous of harsh winter conditions. Further, they contain multiple sipes that enhance snow traction.

Example: SV-2


The tread block sipes on these tyres deliver superior cold season performance. Additionally, summer tyre style shoulders allow optimum dry weather performance. Its unique tread composition helps deliver unmatched performance throughout the year.

Example: AW-6

There is more to our collection of Nankang tyres Sittingbourne. Some other tyre variants include:

  • AT-5+ (4x4)
  • AS-2+ ZPMS (Run-flat)
  • AR-1 (Motorsport)

Moreover, you can buy tyres from our collection online. Input your vehicle registration number or tyre specifications in the tyre finder tool and choose a variant from our stock.

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