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Kumho Tyres

A Korean manufacturer and subsidiary of Chinese tyre conglomerate Doublestar, Kumho is a global exporter of quality tyres. They have a worldwide network of sales organisations as well. The company manufactures tyres under mid-range and budget price categories.

If you want to purchase Kumho tyres Sittingbourne, check out the collection of A2 Tyre Supplies Limited. We retail tyres from this brand for every car make and model. Furthermore, our tyre specialists guide you throughout the purchase process and ensure you find a tyre catering to your needs.

In addition, we retail cheap Kumho tyres Sittingbourne only after conducting strict quality tests. You can also find the seasonal variants from Kumho in our stock.

Here are the tyre categories we stock:


Summer tyres from Kumho offer high drainage and superior handling performance. Their silica-based compound enhances wet performance and traction. Moreover, they come with improved steering responses.

Example: ECSTA KH11


Unique tread pattern design and 3D sipes on winter tyres help maximise snow traction. This design also helps resist aquaplaning and reduces braking distances. In addition, they come with an M+S (for mud and snow) marking and snowflake (for mountain snow).



Kumho all-season tyre variants deliver well-balanced performance throughout the year. They have high mileage capability and good traction on snowy roads. Additionally, these tyres give superior handling performance on wet roads.

Example: SOLUS 4S HA31

The list does not end here.

Some other Kumho tyre variants are:

  • ECSTA PS91 (Super UHP)
  • WINTERCRAFT WP71 (Run-flat)
  • ROAD VENTURE AT61 (4x4)

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