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If you are wondering where you can find quality Dunlop tyres Sittingbourne, look no further. A2 Tyre Supplies Limited presents its massive inventory of Dunlop tyres across various vehicle makes and models.

We distribute tyres from this brand under premium, mid-range and budget price segments. Thus, you can end your search for cheap Dunlop tyres Sittingbourne with us!

Note: We supply tyres online from our facility. You can visit our online tyre finder tool, enter your car registration number or tyre size details to choose Dunlop tyres per your requirements and place an order.

If you are unsure about your choice of car tyre, feel free to consult our experts. Our tyre specialists will guide you in purchasing a car tyre that caters to your driving needs.

However, before buying Dunlop tyres from us, you should check out some tyre categories available with us:


Summer tyres from the house of Dunlop come with a superior wet grip. They also reduce braking distances on both dry and wet roads. Additionally, these tyres have a fuel-efficient design and produce less noise due to their closed shoulder grooves.



Dunlop winter tyres offer maximum traction on snow and ice, resulting in safe rides. In addition, they come with unmatched cold-weather grip and deliver superior performance.



If you wish to avoid tyre changes twice a year, you can consider installing an all-season variant from Dunlop. These tyres perform optimally in moderate conditions.

Example: Dunlop Sport All Season

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Top-selling Dunlop Tyres

We also stock some best-selling Dunlop tyres Sittingbourne. They are:

  • SPORT MAXX RT 2 (Run-flat)
  • SP WINTERSPORT 4D (High-performance)
  • WINTER SPORT 5 SUV (4x4)

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