Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?

The ideal car tyre pressure should be between 30-35 psi. Driving with an under or over-inflated tyre poses safety hazards for you and others. So, our experts suggest you get your car's tyre pressure checked once every month (even if your vehicle has a TPMS fitted).

If you are looking for a dependable service centre to conduct a tyre pressure check Sittingbourne for your vehicle, leave your worries to us. Here at A2 Tyre Supplies Limited, our technicians use a superior quality tyre pressure gauge to get the proper reading of tyre inflation level. We also carry out additional tyre safety checks if required.

So, why spend your valuable time looking for other options? Visit us today at Unit 3/2 Tribune Drive Trinity Trading Estate.

Problems Of Using Inadequately Inflated Tyres

If your car’s tyre pressure level is over or below the required level, you may face several problems while driving like-

  • The tyre road contact area reduces. As a result, your car handling stability reduces significantly
  • Your car's cornering precision is affected when the tyres are under-inflated
  • Poor braking efficiency of the vehicle
  • The tyres can face excessive tread wear on the sides and the centre due to inadequate inflation level
  • There is an increased chance of tyre blowout

Tyre Pressure Check At A2 Tyre Supplies Limited

First, we carefully place the pressure gauge onto the tyre valve stem to read your car tyre's pressure level precisely. If we detect under-inflation, we will check for minor leakages and fix the issue accordingly.

However, if there are no leakages, we refer to the tyre placard or your vehicle's owner manual to understand the manufacturer specified inflation level. These are usually kept in the driver's door jamb, inside the glove box or car’s manual sidewall.

For under-inflation, we use a suitable pump to re-inflate the tyres.

Alternatively, if the tyre model is over-inflated, the metal pin on the valve stem is pushed to release the extra amount of air.

So, reach out to us at your convenience during our working hours and get your car’s tyre pressure checked.

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