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Are you looking for Suspension Repair for your vehicle?

Your car's suspension system connects the vehicle with the wheels and essentially works as a shock-absorber, ensuring safe and comfortable driving. It absorbs the energy from kinetic impacts like road bumps, etc., and offers steering stability to your car. So, a well-functioning suspension system is a necessity for a vehicle.

If you are looking for a dependable service station to inspect your car's suspension system thoroughly, look no further. Here at A2 Tyre Supplies Limited, our technicians are highly trained in the complex mechanisms of a vehicle's suspension. As a result, we guarantee a comprehensive suspension service Sittingbourne in minimal turn-around time.

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Symptoms Of A Damaged Suspension System

We suggest you seek immediate assistance from our technicians if you suspect a faulty suspension system. You may notice warning signs like-

  • The car drifting to one side when you're turning a corner
  • Increased bump when you drive over speed brakers or through potholes
  • One side of your car might sit lower than the other
  • The car might nosedive forward when you apply the brakes

What Do We Provide?

Detailed Inspection

Our technicians use the latest technology to conduct a thorough assessment of your car's suspension components, such as-

  • Inspection Of The Strut Mounts
  • Checking The Tie Rod Ends
  • Inspecting The Springs, Steering Columns, Dampers.
  • Checking The Linkages, Bushings, Shock Absorbers, etc.

OE-Grade Replacements

Damaged suspension components need immediate replacements to ensure your driving safety. We provide OE-grade replacement parts for your vehicle in case we detect faulty components during our inspection.

Affordable Service

Keeping budget-friendliness in mind, we offer suspension repair and replacement services at an affordable price range. Many of our repeat customers know they can trust us for the complete transparency we maintain.

So, do not hesitate to visit us at Unit 3/2 Tribune Drive Trinity Trading Estate or call us on 01795 475200 for further information.

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